Our mission at Riverbend Community Mental Health, Inc. is to offer responsive, accessible, and effective mental health service in partnership with our community so that families and individuals at all stages of life can achieve and sustain health and wellness.

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Feeling of accomplishment

I start my day with a cup of coffee, and I end it with a smile and a feeling of accomplishment. Some days can be challenging, but there is always a willing ear to listen. At Mill House we use a team approach which is wonderful, and together we can move mountains. I appreciate the support and encouragement I have received from my supervisors and co-workers…this is truly an inspiring place to be!

by ~PM

Appreciated by my supervisor

I work with a GREAT and very supportive team. I feel appreciated by my supervisor, my team, and by many other people who work here and at other agencies that we work in coordination with. Riverbend is a great place to work. They provide the support you need to gain experience and even expertise in your field. You can ask anyone for help at any time. You can be creative in your approach and be accepted and appreciated for what you bring to the company. When I go home at the end of the day, I know I’ve made a difference because I have helped someone make a positive change that they can recognize.

by ~SR

Personal & Professional Growth

I have been so fortunate to work at Riverbend with a great group of people. They are knowledgeable, dedicated, honest and genuinely care about our mission here. I’ve had opportunities and support to grow personally and professionally. I feel appreciated and valued by my supervisor and co-workers, and my confidence in myself and my capabilities have improved. The skills I learn will assist me in many parts of my life moving forward and I couldn’t be any more grateful!

by ~AH