Community Support Programs

Riverbend’s Community Support Program is dedicated to the provision of high quality, consumer centered, goal directed, and recovery oriented services to people in greatest need, in a manner that is sensitive and respectful of the innate dignity of the person. We strive to create a seamless and integrated service delivery system based on the belief that service providers must keep the consumer’s needs and desires for health and recovery as the focus of treatment.


In SHAPE began through a Center for Disease Control (CDC) grant which was conducted through Dartmouth Medical School and is now being offered to CSP consumers as a Functional Support Service. It is aimed at improving the physical health and quality of life of people with serious mental illness. The In Shape staff are trained to address the symptoms and functional impairment affecting a consumer’s ability to manage his/her health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition. The staff work in collaboration with the multidisciplinary recovery team to provide health and wellness services to individuals on the various teams. Each consumer works with the In Shape staff to develop a Health Action Plan to provide motivation and focus on the desired goal.

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Pillar House

Pillar House Programs provide comprehensive behavioral health care services to consumers with a wide range of diagnoses, social supports, internal resources and functional impairments. A variety of treatment options allow services to be tailored to optimize collaboration in the management of long-term psychiatric conditions. The consumer is presented with a holistic view of treatment options that focus on functional recovery outcomes. The consumer is at the center of the clinical care team and helps all providers to focus on the desires and strengths of the person. Services vary in terms of type, intensity, and promote the highest level of personal achievement.

Director’s Name:
Christopher Mumford

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