The Gateway to Riverbend’s Services

For appointments and information about all Riverbend Community Mental Health programs and services, we encourage both consumers and professionals to call Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

If you call after business hours, you will receive an answering machine message which, in case of emergency, explains how to contact Riverbend’s Emergency Services.

Admission Procedures

People seeking services call the office that best meet their individual circumstances (as listed above) and talk with one of our Admissions staff.

Our staff assess the individual’s situation and help the person to determine more specifically which program or array of services will most closely match their needs.

Admissions staff gather basic demographic information and schedule appointments with the appropriate intake clinician from the program or department indicated. In some cases, the referral may be transferred to another program if it is better suited to meet their needs.

Admissions staff also gather health insurance information. People in need of discounted services should inform our staff so that the request can be discussed at the time of the call.